Bull in a China Town?

Vacouver, 29 March.

Heading into town on the Greyhound I was unsurprised to a protest about Tibet on the edge of the city’s chinatown.

What did surprise me was the fact the demonstrators were pro-Chinese.

The common call seemed to be denouncing the Tibetans as violent, with many placards saying “No to Riots!”.

Now whilst we can all be a little concerned about stories of ethnically based attacks on Han chinese settlers in Tibet, the Chinese angle of the Dalai Lama being a violent trouble maker does not square with the liberal west’s sanctification of the guy.

Friend’s who have lived in China talk about the improvements in infrastructure brought by Chinese occupation, and ironically  I belive had Tibet remained an indepedent theocracy many of the protesters we see on the news now would likely be waging a Maoist “peoples’ war”.

We must support the Tibetan’s right to self-determination, but be cautious of the forces backing it. We should also look more at workers’ unrest in China itself, Western Leftists would do well to offer as much practical support as possible to the nascent labour movement there, it is one of the few genuine powder kegs of proletarian insurgence at the moment. Maybe, just maybe the revolution will begin in China.


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