The Green Party and the dangers of pendulum politics

Two recent events in Europe again bring up the question of the Green Party’s political identity.

In Italy the collapse of the Left has taken the Greens, who self identify themselves as being on the far left, down with them, whilst in Germany the Greens are looking likely to enter into with the right wing CDU, at least in Hamburg.

Both are severe blows to the credibilty of the Greens as a distinct political current.

Attempts at what our Leninist friends might characterise as centrist vacillation are not really working, and should not be inferred as the aim of this piece. Rather, it is time to return the fundamentals and position the Greens as a unique aberration from the norms of the political spectrum.

Yes, we have a lot more common ground with the left, and should recognise this is our choice of postelection allies, yet it is vital that we maintain our traditions and philosophy that allow the Greens to simoultaneously be both radical anti-capitalists and a practical choice for voters seeking urgent, local change within their communities.

Our focus on autonomy, libertarianism and practical direct action are our strengths and the Green Left and ecosocialists should  continue to work to promote this and hold our own banner high!


One response to “The Green Party and the dangers of pendulum politics

  1. I am most shocked by the Irish Green Party Fianna Fail coalition, a government building a motorway through one of Europe’s most important prehistoric landscapes….FF leader and prime minister ‘dirty’ Bertie Ahearn has been forced to resign over financial matters.

    The appalling decision to go into govt with the CDU
    looks almost sane in comparision…we Green Party members need to keep vigilent.

    The Cynthia McKinney Green Party presidential bid is a sign of better things!

    Green politics has to be fought for in some Green Parties!

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