Since I’ve been gone…

Much has (or more cynically, hasn’t really) happened in my absence. Here is a quick summary of what I’ve seen from afar…

The Crisis in Capitalism.

It’s inherent instability has been on show for all these past couple of months and the free market is being bailed out by state intervention. The quetsion is twofold for us though.

How much of an imapct is this actually ahving on our daily lives?

and how should we,  as workers, engage with this. if at all? 

The UK left

Seems to be in a worse state than ever. Respect is in pieces, one piece the SWP led Left Alternative is dead by its own admission and is unlikely to feature again regardless of what any non-SWP activists within might feel. The other half, faces a major battle to restore both its momentum and credibility. The SWP meanwhile not content with this, seem to be frantically pushing the self-destruct button with rumours of faction fights and leadership coups abounding on the more trainspottery of web boards.

Elsewhere the ISG and SR are pushing for a new Revolutionary organisation, good luck to them, but it smacks to me of mopping up the mess of the above implosion.

The Convention of the Left appears to have been a qualified success (or at least has avoided embarrasment  – which let’s face it is in itself a measure of success for the Left these days!) with the seeds of an open discussion being sown for the future.

The Green Party

We now have a leader. I didn’t vote for them. I never even recieved my ballot paper, which is a little disheartening. But to be honest, Partyism is not much of feature in my relations with the GPEW, its is vehicle for change, not a structure worth maintaining for its won sake. we shall see. There is optimistic talk of up to 3 MPs next election. Given the Labour meltdown that is widely predicted, electorally this hould be a focus of ours as we strive to position ourselves as a credible alternative.


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